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  • Can I get a refund?
    Our policy states that we need 24 hours notice of cancellation or reschedules. We do understand that sickness and injuries occur and will try our best to accommodate these factors. If a session is cancelled by our team, you will automatically receive a refund.
  • What boots does my child need?
    Children need Astro boots or Moulds. No studs or trainers are allowed on the pitches.
  • Can I Pay cash?
    Yes, you can pay cash, there is an option at the checkout for this. Although please note from 1st January we will be a cashless company.
  • Can I stay and watch my child?
    Yes, we encourage parents to come and see how their child is progressing. If you cannot stay that is also not a problem but your child must be collected on time at the end of the session.
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